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My Volkswagen Story

It was sophomore year when my seatmate and I talked about getting ourselves a car. We both wanted a Volkswagen beetle. She just passed away last year and I’m not sure if she got what we dreamt of. But I’ll surely get myself one in the near future. I still love the old model, which I might get at first, but the new ones are slicker and very comfortable to be in.

As I think about having a VW bug, I also foresee having some cool accessories to go with it. Aside from cool sound system, I plan to have the interiors fixed. And when I say fixed, it should be really clean, safe, comfortable, high quality and of course the best value I could find.

As I was browsing thru the Internet for some accessories and all that, I found this site which sells for different brands of interiors and exteriors and of all types.

If I get my own car, I would really prioritize on the interiors, not everyone is careful when they are in a car. If the car doesn’t have the right accessories, the car would end up a mess. A huge example would be, a car without a cup holder accessory, spilling accidentally a drink you were carrying or while driving you put it at the passenger side and you had to hit the brakes. See the picture now? That is just one accessory that’s, so far, what I think is important. That can also be solved in 2 ways. Either get yourself a cup-holder accessory or get yourself a rubber floor mat for the car, that way it doesn’t stain, you just have to wash it afterward or even wipe it with tissue paper.

So, if I get myself a rubber mat accessory I might get it from cause they have this cool VW collection, specifically the Volkswagen Golf Floor Mats. You can choose from a wide array of specifications, from the type of mat, to the material, the specs, the color, and the like. They even have value prized mats. That’s about where I would start if I get my bug real soon.


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