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The CPanel in Web Hosting Services

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The CPanel is a control area or account manager offered by web hosting providers.

What exactly is it?

CPanel (short for Control Panel) is really what its name implies – it is a control panel that makes things easier, especially for non-techies and newbies, to manage their website. Its user-friendly panel makes it a very popular service.

It offers simple scripts to enable users to make additions of applications to the domain name easier and more quickly. The common applications used are Drupal and WordPress. CPanel offers options for installing a photo gallery, a forum, Wiki software and many more.

In a nutshell, it makes the process of getting a web site up and running easier, has a start up wizard so that even newbies can do it easily step by step. It supports e-mails and runs many applications automatically so you do not have to set everything up manually.

It also has tutorials explained in length when you need further assistance.

What are its common functions?

  1. It is like an account manager or a dashboard – easy to use and refer to multiple tasks in your domain name.
  2. You can create e-mail accounts associated with the domain name.
  3. It is so easy to access all your files from the host server.
  4. Add sub-programs to your current main program.
  5. Upload files without extra cost.

If you are looking for a reliable host, make sure to read about reviews from actual consumers, like the Review written by actual users of the service.


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