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How’s it going? Tabby here…and I’ll keep things SUPER SIMPLE for you.

I know you have come to this page because you have probably been looking for a source of traffic to your offer. Now, if you’re specifically looking for… 1. Solos that will give you a High Optin Rate and 2. Solos that will give you a Good Sales Conversion, then…


You might also be wondering what the heck does “Tabbyfied” mean..well there’s a very good explanation to that.

It simply means I get people in my list clicking the link every time I send an email to them. I get them “Tabbyfied” with every offer, product and service I throw at them. See the whole picture now?

Your offer to my ultra responsive list and you get a highly targeted, quality traffic in a matter of time.

But hey, I’m maybe just like you, I frequently buy solos too to build my list rapidly, adding TONS of fresh subscribers in a daily basis. My list has been working hard for me and is playing a big part in my success.

I’m sure it will work for you too.

Why, you ask? Well, it’s simple. It’s because:

  • I’ve worked very hard to make a relationship with my list and I know they love to OPTIN. (Proof proudly displayed below.)
  • My list loves to BUY. (Because I only send them to paid offers.)
  • and, more importantly, my list loves ME – Tabby. (No proof for this one(yet), but I know they do, I can feel it.)

But hey, don’t just take it from me…

Look at what other people think about my solos…


Karim Watson: “Made all my money back from Tabby’s solo”


Peter Carter: “My Optin rate has been really high, much higher than with others sellers I’ve used..”

Juan Costa: “You will never want to stop buying from Tabby!”

Le Thang Cong: “44% Optin, 3 FE sales and 1 Big Upsell!”

George Kerr: “Tabbyfied.com/SoloAds You Rock!”

Hansel Menon: “Overdelivered by 25%. Solo practically paid for itself.”


Loy Puckett: “I’m extremely happy. I’ll be back for more.”


Jescel Escosura: “8 Sales! It’s a good investment to start the year!”


Vinni Castanares: “It was faster than I thought. 53% optin & 5 Sales.”


Ril Nala: “I’m surprised. 47% optin. Made 3 FE Sales and 1 Upsell.”


Felipe Ruiz: “3 High-Ticket Potentials. All in all very happy with the results”


Eric Chestang: “Got 63% optin rate, very good! Let’s setup another one…for 1000 clicks!”


Elad Barshishat: “60% optin. $200 in sales. 91% Tier 1 traffic”


Ysaac Benter: “Overdeliver more than 15%. Overall very satisfied”


Michael Douglas: “Optin of 66%, 329 out of those clicks which is the BEST I have gotten…”


James Starr: “46% Optin rate..Awesome solo ad!…for sure I will order from him again!”


Olivier Pasmagnan: “83 optins..more optins than I normally get..and great coz he wrote the swipe file!”


Maurice Hamilton: “47.12% optin + 3 sales..Amazing OPTIN and great SALES!


Delyan Dmitrov: “37% Optin Rate and 2 OTO Sales..I recommend him!”


Sven Warmerdam: “48% Optins very good..Fast delivery and good ad.”


Le Thang Cong: “I got half of my money back so it’s just $0.2/click after all. Very pleased to work with him.”


Ben Michaeli: “79% Tier 1. Great seller, great customer service. Thank you…”


Madeleine Bridges: “The solo ad converted at 36%, as well as 3 sales…Tabby totally over delivered!”


Roy Lee: “44.48% Opt in rate..considering my average is just 35%. Great T1 traffic, delivered fast and on time.”


Louise Venison: “The results speak for themselves and I will definitely order from him again.”


Logan Outcult: “Looking to buy more clicks from him in the future!”

So you’ve heard from them, but let me break it down a little more why you could achieve more with a “Tabbyfied” source of traffic.


I know that you know that the best targeted traffic out there comes from Tier 1 countries like the UK, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.. My list currently contains 70.3% US, UK, CAN, AU and NZ traffic(the rest is Worldwide traffic):


NOTE: The results are based on regularly monitoring and surveying my list.
Though I cannot guarantee that you will get exactly 72.2% of top tier country traffic,
these are normally the results we experience when sending out. Results may vary.

I have worked on my list and have linked arms with several experienced Internet Marketers in the industry who can vouch for the quality and the way I deal with customers, so rest assured, you are working with the right guy here!

I have a large active subscriber base who reads my emails daily and check out the products I recommend.

At any given day, I’m adding at least 200-500 new subscribers to my lists. Guaranteeing you that my list are always kept minty fresh for my solo ad customers.

You also gotta know that…


Your product/offer will be sent to my list and will be seen by REAL PEOPLE that could spell POTENTIAL BUYERS of your product/offer.

I strive hard to deliver your traffic as quickly as possible, therefore please make sure your offer is properly set up and ready before submitting an order.

The pricing below is for sending your offer URL only and my email ad copy/swipe. It is for for UNIQUE clicks, not raw clicks.

Raw clicks – these are all the clicks/traffic delivered to your product/offer/link.(i.e. If someone goes to your link and clicks it 5 times, you will see 1 unique click and 5 raw clicks.)
Unique clicks – these are the clicks you would want to watch for. These are clicks from different(unique) visitors (different IP addresses).

To assure you that you are getting highly targeted traffic to your offer, your URL is the only URL included in the email. It will not be used as a “Bonus” or “P.S.” link whenever I send a broadcast to my list.

I will also provide you…


I surely would want you to achieve optimal results for the solo you will be getting from me. So I will personally review your squeeze page and provide tips and advices on how to improve it that will ultimately lead on getting more subscribers and more sales for you!

Plus, you are backed by my “Tabbyfied” guarantee – that you will simply have the “Smile Of Satisfaction” once you get to see the results of your solo in the end.

  • I always over-deliver clicks but this would depend on how attractive your offer is to my readers
  • 70% Unique traffic + Tier 1 traffic for Regular (100% Tier 1 traffic offered for Premium)
  • You will receive all the clicks you have ordered within a reasonable time(some of my clients actually has received their order within 20mins) but the average time frame will be the first 48-96 hours of send out date
  • Only unique clicks are counted

You can truly buy my traffic with confidence!

With that said…
















If you have any questions or you would want to order a higher solo ad package(1,000-5,000 and above clicks) or plan to get a monthly solo ad from me, feel free to reach out.


Email: [email protected]

Skype ID: sticky_tabby

PM me: facebook.com/tabby.taboada



May Your Success Be More Than What You Can Hold,




I CANNOT determine the results you will receive with your solo ad. I can only guarantee the number of clicks you ordered and will be delivered to your website URL.

You understand the fact that you are going to be receiving genuine clicks that will be delivered within 72-96 hours of your solo ad going out is enough for an optimal solo ad delivery service.

I CANNOT guarantee sales and optin rates. It is up to you to know how well your squeeze page converts.

If for whatever reason you have doubts about the trust you have towards me and my service, please do not purchase. By placing an order for a solo ad, you agree to the NO REFUND POLICY.

Empower, MLSP, Dot Com, Neucopia, Pure Leverage, BIM, all MLM/Network marketing must have unique squeeze pages.

I reserve the right to reject and refund any offer.