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Conversion is defined as the process of taking your site’s visitor to the higher level – that of becoming your next customer. 

The “keyword approach” is actually simple yet crafty. It is the skill of choosing keywords that will entice your reader to take immediate action, at the same time keeping abreast with top ranking in the search engine, follows a workable guideline. 

1. Use a common language.Establish the profile of your most likely customers. Speak their language. Put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself the possible keywords that they will use during their search. Don’t use terminologies that are not in-tune with their line of thinking.   You don’t want to be confused for something you are not, right? Same is true with your product or service. Choose keywords that are relevant to your type of industry. And yes, keep it short and simple. Your online-customer will most likely scan, not read. The first three minutes is crucial. You should captivate them right then and there.

2. Select keywords based on their potential to bring-in quality traffic to your site.Is it quantity or quality? Find out which keywords you will use to optimize your page if you want the search engine to deliver to your site lots of traffic but give premium on quality, too.  Quality traffic is what you want to convert as potential customers. What are the keywords applicable today, to your type of industry which your target quality prospects may use in looking for a site? Most search engines have keyword suggestions – look them up. 

3. What is the reason for the search?Test your keywords against the probable reasons why search is being done. Synchronize your keywords with these reasons. For example, the keyword “conversion” will flood you with metric, weight, even currency conversion search results! Find out the most likely set of keywords a customer uses when he searches for “conversion,” so that it will produce results that are relevant to site owners wanting to create potential customers from the traffic they get. Optimize your site with these keywords and phrases.

4. Optimize for conversion.What exactly are the keywords that will increase traffic conversion? Select those that inspire action – now.  

In summary, the keyword approach to conversion is very simple. It’s only about finding the right words that are directly relevant to what your probable customers are looking for.


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