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Text-link-ads are eeeevil????

Text-link-ads, evil???As part of my daily routine, I am to log in on one of my seo forums online…and I have read a post that actually made my eye brows meet…It was about the event WordCamp 2007, and one of the members in the forum, actually had the chance to participate on that event. This was Rickey of, I’m assuming he’s a filipino too just like me. As I was reading his article , he mentioned there that he met up with Matt Cutts, but what really got me suprised was Matt telling him that Text-Link-Ads are evil and one of these days Google will penalize such sites which engage in Page Rank link buying and selling.

Wtf? That was my initial reaction…although I am really not earning that much from TLA, but penalizing them, why?…how true is this?….If Google’s gonna do that, a lot of other websites would be affected coz I know a lot of websites that deals with link buying and selling, not to mention that I got some friends working with these companies.

Is this how Google react with their competitors on the internet marketing industry or should I say this is how Google react to a possible threat to them for success? If this gonna happen, I’m expecting a massive revolt about the issue. What you think guys?

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  1. maybe they are reffering to unrelated text link ads. example, your site is about dogs, then you are advertising abount lung cancer. it shouldnt be that way.

    July 25th, 2007
  2. I think if Google will ban sites who engage on their competitor’s business, then I guess Webmasters will make alternatives, but Google is pretty large enough and no reasons to be afraid with their competitors…

    Just a thought… (winks)

    August 13th, 2007
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