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Stop Malware – Google Exterminator!

Malware is no joke and if you’ve had a run in with it lately – you’re not alone. Hundreds of thousands of personal computers infected with malware loaded through a fake anti-virus program have been flooding the Internet. The problem was so pervasive that even Google’s servers were affected. They were able to identify through their servers who was actually infected and made the unprecedented decision to notify users right in their search results.

The instructions Google provides basically advise running an anti-virus program. Which, as mentioned, was exactly what people were trying to do when their problems started. Of course Google addressed this by saying that users need to be sure that they have a valid anti-virus program.

Google has taken this all a step further and decided to go after malware at its source. All domains were recently deindexed due to a large number of the sites engaging in Web spam, phishing, and malware. Matt Cutts provides more information on how Google identifies problems and how they are working to protect users from malware on his blog.


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