Staying in the A-Game with SEO Resurrection

Conducting your business online is a tricky one. The internet is a great medium for widening target reach and establishing online presence is a great way to encourage income flow but there are also a lot of holes that must be avoided.

Of all the search engines, Google is the most widely used. As such, many businesses depend on its algorithm. However, Google is also known for its ruthless algorithm changes without giving out any warning making it very difficult for webmasters and business owners to keep up with the changes. The Penguin update in late April of 2012 exemplifies the dire situation. In fact, more than 12% of all the websites were affected because of the change. Sites that have high rankings suddenly did not enjoy their status anymore. Years of hard work all down the drain.

seo-resurrectionThis leads to the million dollar question: how do you get your site to be Google proof? Or at the very least, how can you get back in the game? In one word, the answer would be backlinks.  As far as Google is concerned, having quality backlinks to your site is highly necessary.

Now that you know the best way to stay on the A-game regardless of the changes, another question surfaces: how would you know which backlinks are good and which ones should be taken down? That would be very demanding task taking up a whole lot of time and requiring the investment of big efforts. Manually checking every webpage can take weeks and even months. Luckily, there is now a software tool that can help you with that endeavor. Presenting to you the SEO Ressurection.

The SEO Resurrection lets you know what backlinks are regarded as spammy to your site, know which linked domains have been de-indexed and assesses the overall quality of each individual backlink to your site using a number of criteria. Read up on SEO Resurrection for a more thorough understanding.

With the capabilities mentioned above, this software tool is just the thing you need to help your site get back up on its feet or prevent it from stumbling down if it hasn’t been affected yet.


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