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Social Media: Its Importance in SEO

Social media is more than just a passing fad. It is the trend – one that is foreseen to be with us for a very long time. It provides an effective and efficient form of communication, able to contact and respond to friends in real time. Virtually everyone we know has an account in Facebook, Twitter or any other social media.

But other than just for social purposes, social media provides a huge window of opportunity for businesses, small and big ones alike. To be more precise, social media has become a necessary organ in the SEO field.

What is Social Media Marketing?

As the term itself suggests, Social Media Marketing or Social Media Optimization is the usage of a number of different social media outlets and communities to generate publicity; the purpose of which is to increase the awareness of the product, brand or event. There are many types of social media involved. This includes RSS feeds, social news and bookmarking sites, as well as social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook and other video and blogging sites. Like SEO, the goal of Social Media is to generate traffic for a website and extend customer reach.

Why is Social Media Important in SEO?

As previously stated, the goal of SEO is to generate traffic and widen customer reach. And what better way to do that than through word of mouth through social media?

The success of social media as a means to “spread the word” lies in the fact that people primarily use social media to distract themselves and to pass the time. Users log in their social accounts to communicate with friends and update each other about the happenings in their life. They visit their profiles to post pictures regarding their latest trip. Or they would simply go online to play games. Social media is an effective distraction. This means that when users log in their accounts, they are actively seeking for means and ways to pass the time. This is where social media marketing comes in. Unlike in more traditional means of advertising, like inserting commercials in between television shows, advertisements posted in online social media sites are given a much warmer reception.

seo-social-mediaOn a more SEO business-like point of view, using social media will also lead to an increase in inbound links and citations due to improved online visibility and brand awareness. The most powerful indirect impact of social media is its ability to generate new inbound links by improving brand awareness and overall online visibility. If you’re able to be found, you’re able to be linked to, and links are still the most important and valuable ranking factor.

Another benefit of using social media is the increase in positive reviews, provided of course that you gain happy customers that comes from your superb service. Oftentimes, social media is used as a sort of an extension of a company’s customer service department. When clients are happy about the product or service, they share their satisfaction to their friends. It’s like free advertising. And since the “ads” itself come from “real people” who relatively have nothing to gain from promoting your brand, other users are more likely to trust your product thereby letting you build your business credibility and reputation.

As you build your online reputation and business credibility, decreased bounce rater as well as higher time on site and more repeat visitors to your website will subsequently follow. Clients that are familiar with a particular brand via social media interaction are more likely to become repeat visitors of a website and spend more time there, increasing the average “time-on-site” metric.

5 Social Media Marketing Tips

The importance of Social Media has been clearly established. To make your SEO efforts more effective, here are some of the most basic yet most neglected tips in so far as Social Media Marketing is concerned.

1. Create a Vanity URL
A vanity URL is defined as a URL or domain name created to point to something to which it is related and indicated in the name of the URL, very similar to a personalized URL. In theory, vanity URLs are creatively linked to something making them easier to remember than a mere random link.

Through the usage of vanity URLs, social media sites lets you optimize your sites for organic search in an easier and more convenient fashion. For best results, each URL should contain the business name. If for instance the URL you want is already taken, you can add your location to the URL. It is also important that your various social media URLs are as similar as possible. This will make things easier for your business and for your clients as it will allow consumers to find your business online more effectively and will create that consistency among all your pages across the web.

2. Fill Out the “About” Section
The ABOUT section is one of the most neglected section of all. But this part is actually very important. It is vital that you optimize the areas on your site where people expect you to talk about yourself. be sure to accurately describe what your business does. Adding two or three business keywords is also recommended. But when doing so, make sure that the keywords come of as natural and does not seem “forced into” the sentence.

3. Add Geo-Targeted Keywords
When users look for a particular service or product, prospective clients usually look within a specific geographic area. This makes this third tip a definite must. Include geographic markers in you descriptions. Put your physical address and the cities or neighborhoods that you service.

4. Create Shareable Content
In determining how your social pages rank, most search engine consider the level of authority you have in so far as your social media site is concerned. Basically, this means that the more fans and followers you have that actually interacts with your business online, the more authority that you have.
This emphasizes the need to create shareable content. Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages can help you achieve this goal.

5. Regularly Post Fresh Content
Prospective clients may have a number of means to reach you but this will all be for naught if your sites are not monitored and consistently updated. One of the most important things to do when managing sites is to deliver fresh and updated content. Not only will this help your business in the search results, it will also keep your fans, followers and audience engaged with your pages. Basically, this will mean that you will be able to develop a loyal fan base while encouraging others to follow your posts as well.


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