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SEO: Content is NOT King (A Commentary)

Whether it is in the personal management of life or in the business side of things, it is necessary that we be able to adapt to changes. Adaptability is a matter of survival, more so for the management of businesses.

In business advertising for example, it simply will not do if you keep on relying on traditional media. The internet is powerful and it could definitely be used to your advantage. Search Engine Optimization provides the webmasters and business owners the opportunity to widen target reach and establish online reputation. This then brings out the question of what SEO aspect is most important and should therefore be given the most attention.

steve-wiideman-seo-expertMany so-called SEO experts would argue that content is the deciding factor. Content is king as what they would say. But Steve Wiideman in his article SEO: Content is NOT King says otherwise. And I would have to say that I agree.

It cannot be denied that having great content is essential. With awful content, you will not be able to link to other websites making link building hard if not impossible. Each and every page must also be of utmost relevant to the product and service that you offer. It must not be too broad and must ideally cater to a certain niche. Think about it. Internet users use search engines to look for things using certain keywords. If a page from your site appears for a certain keyword and yet the user discovers the content to be highly irrelevant, the tendency is for the user to stop viewing the site. If this happens too often, the bounce back rate of your site will increase. The search engines will then consider your site as irrelevant and consequently drop your rankings. Worst case scenario is for the search engine to block your site and classify it as a spam site rendering it useless.

Indeed, having great content is good. But there is more to SEO than just that. You must realize that SEO is a collection of means and methods. If you want to get the best possible results through SEO, it is necessary that you do not confine yourself to one method. For example, there is also the code, sales and relationship management among many others that should be taken into consideration.


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