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Leverage Your Video Content Like the Pros to Skyrocket Your Site’s Traffic

Today’s online videos are quickly surpassing other formats when it comes to reaching out to your audience successfully. This is mostly because it’s getting so darn easy to watch videos online. The days of waiting every 3 min for your video to filter are long gone!

People are gearing up to watch online videos by getting higher bandwidth connections and smart phones that have Youtube apps preloaded. And with all of these people swarming onto the net with their video players rolling it’s easy to say that video content is undoubtedly a marketing tool you cannot afford to ignore.

Just in case you’re not convinced how important Video is, take a minute to consider just a few of YouTube’s stats…

  • YouTube viewers consume over 2 billion video views per day, double the prime time audience of all three major US broadcast networks combined.
  • 24 hours of video are uploaded every minute at YouTube.
  • Average person spends 15 minutes a day on YouTube.
  • More video is uploaded to YouTube in 60 days than all 3 major US Networks created in 60 Years.

If you’re not making use of video in some way you are missing out on a major money making opportunity. Our goal is to help you optimize video to drive traffic to your site.

Hosting vs Posting?

Hosting a video on your site is a decision that requires some forethought. The biggest factor to making this decision is the large amount of bandwidth a popular video can consume. The load could lead to your server shutting down, or cost you in overage fees with your web host.

A 10MB video viewed by 100 people will use up 1GB of bandwidth. With many small hosting accounts hovering in the 20 to 40GB per month range and overage fees that are substantial, where to host the video should be carefully considered. In many cases using a service like Amazon S3 and Amazon CloudFront are very cost effective solutions to deal with the bandwidth usage issue if you decide to host the video on your site vs uploading to a video distribution site like YouTube.

Posting your video using Video Distribution Sites such as YouTube, MetaCafe and others have great benefits. It’s very easy to…

  • Upload your files.
  • Share your videos.
  • Gain access to huge amounts of traffic and exposure for no cost to you.
  • And they’re FREE!

And the drawbacks…

  • Advertising layered on top of your videos.
  • Lower video quality.
  • Limitations on the length of your videos (10 min on YouTube).
  • No linking benefits.
  • There are fewer statistics available.
  • No organic traffic being pushed to your site.

To utilize the best of both strategies, many businesses use video distribution sites in combination with their own hosted video content. You can do this by posting smaller, “teaser” videos on distribution sites as a way of attracting viewers to the full content on their own site. This technique allows you to get exposure and traffic from sites like Youtube and still tap into the video results in organic search, drive traffic directly towards your site and gain the ability to generate links more effectively.


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