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Kids site bought by Disney

Club Penguin Website
And they say that kids site was not a good niche…Well, three fathers from British Columbia proved them wrong. These daddies got $350 million from Disney plus another $350 million if the site hits performace targets the next 2 years.

I found out about this from a post by martinibuster of webmasterworld when I was browsing the forum. Disney acquired a subscription Web site aimed at preteenagers, Club Penguin, in a deal that could total $700 million.
From New York Times:
“More than 700,000 users now pay $5.95 a month to customize penguin characters and then chat and play games with other “penguins.

And Disney has agreed to pay the founders, three fathers based in Kelowna, British Columbia, up to $350 million more by the end of 2009 if the site meets growth targets. “They could earn all of it or none of it,” said Thomas O. Staggs, Disney’s chief financial officer. “The growth they have to achieve is attractive enough that we would be pleased to pay.”

But another thing to be amazed of is what martinibuster mentioned on his post, that the site doesn’t seem to be promoted using keywords. I personally checked the code for the website and it doesn’t have any meta tags at all. No on-page optimization alright. Just a website. They seem to promote it by word of mouth and to their demographic. Good old marketing.

I wonder if that works if I actually try that here in my country…


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