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How To Make Your Title Tags Stand Out?

So what can really make your site stand out in the SERPS? It’s a COMPELLING title!

Ok, let’s rewind a bit. The <title></title> tags are generally considered to be the most significant tags from a search engine point of view. Applying the best principles of helping a website in organic ranking in search results should be of high priority. Let’s just say YOUR title tags could make or break your business.

Take a look at this -

Not following the best title tag principles

Did the title compelled you to do anything? Did it evoke some interest in you or simply got your attention? – You said it.

A good title tag format should have a “call-to-action” word, “targeted keyword” and typically some type of value proposition. So having that would compel someone to click that search result instead of a search result that have broad description on their titles. Google basically records every single search and every single click made, and once you’re title tag is compelling enough, you sure are above the others.

This is what I am talking about -

Best title tag principles - do this

Now with this in mind, we are sure that we can change the game in the SERPS this time around. Try applying this principle in your site and you should be able to see some positive changes in your CTR’s and eventually..SALES/Converisons.

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