How Can I Make StumbleUpon Work for My Site?

While getting your site on the front page of popular social media sites like Digg and can send a huge surge of traffic, that traffic typically dissipates within a day or two. StumbleUpon’s unique algorithm, on the other hand, continues to serve popular pages to new users every day. That means StumbleUpon can send a steady stream of continuous traffic to your site.

Note, however, that like all social media traffic, Stumblers almost never buy anything or click on ads. That’s why one of the most important laws of social media marketing is…

Don’t try to sell to social media users!

Social media traffic is link building traffic.
Try to sell Stumblers something and your traffic will quickly disappear under an avalanche of thumbs down. Instead, your goal is to serve Stumblers the kinds of pages they want to see, so you can attract links to your site from those Stumblers who have their own blogs and websites.


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