SPYW – Google’s SPying Your World?

Google Search Plus Your World has been live since the beginning of 2012 and the take on it is mixed at best. From my regular SEO reads, I found out that Google seems to have they taken a step too far to potentially monetize YOUR social/search information? Is Google trying to control our lives just like what Facebook is doing?

If you haven’t read about (SPYW), Spying your world, I mean Search Plus your World rolling out early of the year, here it is – http://www.searchenginenews.com/se-news/update/C580#4754

Ok so many people just don’t care if their friend or mom just bought a certain type of phone or +1′d a link about something. There is also the added negative pressure that many experts are very against personalized results.

Here’s yet another fantastic TED talk on what personalizing search results and popular news sites is doing to us as a society. The video is about 12 minutes long and is worth the time to watch…

Has Google gone too far and lost touch with the 99%? That is just one of the many questions we’ll have to continue to ask about Google’s future.

From a marketing and AdWords perspective, Google’s Search Plus Your World is a theoretical gold mine that will allow Google to target ads that use all their information about you. One advantage they have over Facebook is that they’ll have all the same information, but they’ll also be able to utilize all your search data as well. This is especially true since Google+ is already so heavily integrated into all of Google’s products.

Some examples of the power potentially available to Google would be using your +1′s as an advertising tool for companies. For example if you +1′d an article or a product like a an iPod Touch and then your friend searches for mp3 players, your +1 might show up in their results saying you liked the iPod Touch. Then Apple could put ad space right in that result giving your friend 10% off an iPod for clicking that ad. At the very least, there could be a link to their site about the product.

More examples include sponsored “Google+ recommendations” in the results or enhanced sitelinks ads that include hangouts to put you directly in touch with a sales person or a video about the product. Needless to say, if Google is bold enough, the possibilities are nearly limitless.


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