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Google Now Owns

Yup, you heard that right…but a site that violates most of Google’s own guidelines?!!? Com’on!

Google recently purchased the popular UK comparison site for the price tag of $61.5 million. It seemed like just another day at the Googleplex…at first.

Within what seemed like moments after the purchase, angry SEOs across the net pointed out all the ways that was violating Google’s guidelines and were still sitting pretty at the top of the search results. The offenses were obvious and included the use of doorway pages, gateway sites, buying links that pass PageRank, and using paid blog reviews to boost their PageRank.

It only took about 24 hours after purchasing and a flood of negative publicity for Google to penalize the site as it should have done long before. This had a lot of people praising Google for making a good business move when in reality; they were just saving face and being forced to be accountable.

Strangely, two weeks later (instead of the normal 30 days) began to rise in the ranks once again, and once again people questioned Google’s ethics. That’s when, the next day Google penalized the site once again and stated that they penalize all sites that violate the webmaster guidelines, even ones owned by Google. Really?!

No wonder webmasters are unhappy. The panda update did enough damage that some sites will never recover – all under the banner of fighting spam and getting rid of over optimized sites. Now Google has created an army of snitching SEOs all ready to out each other and feeling the pressure on their own sites because of it. Google has everyone watching everyone else…including Google and they’ve just proven it first hand.

One thing that is safe to say: will be getting a lot of healthy links from all the media attention it’s getting, and when the latest penalty is lifted, it won’t just rise back towards the top, that site will do better than ever.


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