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Google Is Manipulating Search Results!

Think again…

The day before Bing’s search conference Google threw the opening volley in what was engineered to be an old fashioned mud fight. They gave Danny Sullivan an exclusive story - Bing is copying Google’s search results and they can prove it!

Google set a trap for Bing by manipulating the search results for one hundred obscure, misspelled search terms. They then had employees go home and search for those misspelled words with their Bing Toolbars activated. Nine of the one hundred manipulated searches began showing up in Bing’s search results.

There you have it – Bing is “cheating”. Must have been very windy the day this opening volley was thrown because Google ended up with mud all over their face. So what if Bing is using the click streams from people using Google’s search engine in their results. Bing should use every tool they can to make their search results better for their users. It’s also not illegal to collect data from Google, it’s ingenious. Google has tied their own hands by saying they will NEVER use that same type of data to drive their search results.

What Google did by starting this fight is prove exactly what we have all been wondering…they can and will manipulate search results. Ouch – not a great move by a company that is fighting to expand their realm into controlling the travel industry. This giant should be doing everything they can to prove they are the most ethical of all with absolutely no drive to manipulate the results they control, not proving that they can and do wield their power to their own ends.


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