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Google finally makes Gmail available offline

Web-based email is convenient. Anyone can easily set up an email account in minutes for free. You can access it from anywhere that has an Internet connection. But the drawback of web-based email is that you can’t get to your archived messages when you’re not online. If you’ve ever been on an airplane or in your car, and needed to retrieve directions or other information that was sent to you via email, well, you know you were previously SOL (and the “S” doesn’t stand for smiling).

That’s why Google is now making Gmail available even when you’re not online. You simply access your messages within the normal Gmail interface and then synchronize changes while you’re connected. Messages that you send while offline are now stored in your outbox and automatically sent as soon as you’re connected again.

Take note this feature relies on Google Gears—a set of open-source developer tools Google created to help build more powerful web applications. You must have Gears installed to use Gmail offline. (Another option is to simply use the Google Chrome browser which already has Google Gears pre-installed).

To access offline mode in your Gmail account, start by installing Google Gears. Then go to your settings and look for the Labs tab near the top of your screen. Once there…

1. Select Enable next to Offline Gmail.
2. Click Save Changes.
3. After your browser reloads, you’ll see a new Offline0.1 link in the upper right hand corner of your account, next to your username.

Cool! …thanks Google.


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