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Google’s Realtime Search is Launched as Its Own Service

Google’s Realtime Search has been launched as its own service with its own homepage. Realtime search started out as an additional search feature in Google’s Left hand side bar. The idea behind it is to provide you with a constantly updating feed of social media and news updates on any topic you choose. This move to push realtime search to its own location is either a show of its popularity or just another chess move in Google’s shift to the social media arena.

Google has also rolled out some cool new features to accompany realtime’s release. One of our favorites is the ability to filter your searches by location. With just a click of the Nearby or Custom Location button you can get specialized results for the location of your choice. Check out Google’s video below to see the rest of the features they’ve added.

Realtime search is growing one way or another and those current blog posts, news reports, and tweets are making their way into the top listings. Now is the time to leverage your writing and take advantage of the traffic that’s bound to be coming to any top ranking sites found in the realtime results. Then if Google adds onto this service and integrates it with its upcoming social media services, the benefits could increase dramatically.


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