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Does upper and lower case searches matter?

I had read in an article that Google returns different search results for queries based on whether the keyword phrase is keyed in upper-case or lower-case letters. How true is this you say? Should we actually think of considering to optimize for these variations if our site appear in one and not the other? I personally decided to find out for myself.

I fired up Mozilla and I tried keying in “DOGS” on one tab and “dogs” on the other. Here are the results I got.

The lower-case query “dogs” displays on the 5th position.
lower case dog search

On the other hand, with the upper-case query “DOGS”, it showed a slight change on the search results. It has on the 5th position and moves on the 6th place.

upper case dog search

Yes it’s not a major difference, but it is something to be looked into coz from what I read from Google web search help center, it specifically states that their searches are not case sensitive.

This comes to conclude if capitalization on the page affects how a page ranks for capitalized queries. Is this something need to be fix, a “loophole” of some sort where one can exploit on the SEO front? I’m keeping my eyes on it.


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