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Display URLs in Headlines – Algorithm Update

We’ve been telling you for years and years that the display URL is the 2nd most visible part of your ad. A hinge that swings huge doors. So notice this:

For certain ads in top positions, Google is adding your domain name to your headline. The domain will be all lowercase and won’t include the ‘www.’ You also get a normal (green) display URL below the description line, as usual.

This will even show up in ads where Description Line 1 is included in the headline as well, provided it doesn’t exceed a total of 68 characters.


David Rothwell points out:

Do the math: Google includes an extra 3 characters between your headline (25) and your description (35). That’s 63 characters, leaving only 5 to see your domain name if you use up all the characterss available. It’s the magic ’68′ again, as with full display of your title tag (SEO).

Here’s Google’s full announcement.


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