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Bye Bye Yahoo Site Explorer – Hello MajesticSEO Site Explorer

Yahoo announced on July 8th the approximate time line for the shutdown of Site Explorer. According to their information, it is to shutdown sometime this year which will likely follow the addition of inbound link data into Bing’s Webmaster Tools platform. Yahoo will be shutting down the services API’s on September 15th and Boss V1 Site Explorer API’s on July 20th, so it’s likely the service will close in that time frame.

The big drawback to this change is that it’s very likely that the only inbound link data from Bing Webmaster Tools you’ll be able to get after the transition will be for your own site, and not data on other domains such as your competition. Therefore, I highly recommend for those webmasters out there on running what Site Explorer reports you want now vs waiting till it’s shutdown in the near future.

The Yahoo Site Explorer API was also a large source of information that fed our Site Strength Indicator tool, which scores sites based on a number of factors. In particular, all information about a site’s back link structure came from this API. It’s a big loss to the info-miners of the Web, but luckily there are independent web crawling companies out there. One of these companies is Majestic SEO, and their recently released Majestic Site Explorer. They also provide data via an API, and we’ve transitioned the Site Strength Indicator to use it. We’re still exploring how to best make use of this new data source, and will be tweaking and updating as time goes on. Your feedback and suggestions are always appreciated.


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