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Big “G” is testing again?

As part of my daily routine, I visit a couple of my favorite forums to read latest SEO news and articles. One of the threads I bump into was about Google SERP’s having a different layout since early last week, specifically the Local Business listings are showing up in the upper right hand corner. Another forum member said that he noticed a wider blue bar near the top of the page. Hence, because of these minor changes, they webmasters conclude that Google is testing again.

For me personally, I think Google never stops testing. They constantly test every new idea their minds can generate. It makes me believe that all good ideas come from them already. Making the web more social(Open Social), Google Experimental Search, Google Code Search, Google Music trends, Google Accessible Search(for the visually impaired), Google Trends, Google Ride Finder, Google Mars, Google, Google, Google. I wonder if they can really make an elevator going to the moon?


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