Categorized under: Google, Google Panda Update, SEO, SEO News Is Pandatized? was Google’s latest target in the Panda/Farmer Update killing spree. Google has once again stated that this update was a small one and only affects less than 2% on the results. (Not such a small amount if you’re that 2%).

Since the update was released several sites have complained that they have had big traffic drops. However, the most notable site is, which is perhaps the most successful content farm there is today. They said they had a 10% drop in click through rate when the update was released. Other sites targeted include forums, some of which can be easily explained by poor content and poor moderation.

As we stated last month…here’s what Google had to say about it:

In some high-confidence situations, we are beginning to incorporate data about the sites that users block into our algorithms. In addition, this change also goes deeper into the long tail of low-quality Web sites to return higher-quality results where the algorithm might not have been able to make an assessment before.

While things are still settling down within the search results it seems like the biggest changes have happened. If your site is one that has been hit hard either within the US or internationally then read this byte to see the approach our experts are taking when supporting our FastTrack Members with it in-house.

Smacked by Google’s Content Farmer Update? Here’s what to do.

The lesson that has been hard learned by many webmasters this year is that when you don’t play by Google’s rules…you don’t win.


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