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7 SEO Essentials for Your Hosted Video

Here are the seven “must-do” for hosting your videos:

  1. Choosing a file name – Your video file name should contain keywords when possible. File names like 120609video1.mp4 describe absolutely nothing important to a search engine, where as embedding keywords like droid-x-review.mp4 will help the engine identify what the video is about. Just like image files, search engines have a terrible time figuring out the content of a video file is and must rely on external signals to define what the movie is about.
  2. Tell the viewer what you want them to do – At the end of the video steer the viewer towards your intended goal.
  3. Break up your content – Having multiple video files lets you target more keyword combinations, and makes it easier for viewers to zoom in on the specific content they’re interested in. Say that you’re making a product installation video – don’t make the viewer wait till the end of the video to see the troubleshooting section. Break it out into a separate movie that they can watch when they need it.
  4. Use text in your videos – Sprinkle text in your videos where it makes sense, and include keywords as well. OCR Technology is making great strides and it’s just a matter of time before Google will be able to index text characters in a video and use that as part of the algorithm. Stay ahead of the game!
  5. Make your voice and audio tracks clear – This is not just for the benefit of your audience. YouTube is working on video transcription, which will lead to them being able to index content in your video. Google owns YouTube – the technology will likely make it into the crawler at some point, so make it easy for them, and of course, mention your keywords from time to time.
  6. Everygreen content – Avoid specific references to time and dates in your videos unless it fits the theme. Doing so can make the video seem stale and out of date when it’s not necessary.
  7. Embed your brand – Use your logo, Web site URL, Phone number or other appropriate branding signals in your videos.


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