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The much awaited iPhone!

Yeepee!!..and they have finally decided to release it…June 29 will be the date where you can get the next HOT gadget on the market(in America)…the iPhone!……..Unfortunately, they’re gonna release it here in the Philippines next year(2008) we still need to wait a couple of months….

 I have seen the video keynote address of the Apple CEO Steve Jobs introducing the iPhone and mann I just can’t wait to get my hands on that thing. It makes me crave for it…The moment that thing goes out here in the Philippines, I’m dumping my O2 right away and sure get an iPhone….Imagine an iPod, a revolutionary phone and a breakthrough internet device in one! and you could choose from a 4GB to a 8GB model…How good can it get?!…

I got my eyes on this one already…although I’m still a little bit skeptical of its abilities,  I must say I would only truly agree with Apple that they have indeed reinvented mobile technology when I have personally have my hands on their iPhone….but so far, the had me at scrolling too….\m/^_^\m/


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