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Rides Plus Music(RPM) at SM CDO

Yes this event was indeed successful. A day where all of the car enthusiasts of Cagayan de Oro was united. Although it kinda started late becasue of the weather, they still manage to move on with it….

It was held at SM carpark at Xavier Heights, started around 10am and was over the next morning.

I’m sure that all of  people who walked in to this gig envy the owners of the cool rides displayed. Imagine a car and a bike like below…who would not want it?! 





And of course, to top this event, there was GASOLINA(local CDO band), who pumped up the crowd with their stylish music. It was raining alright, but nothing’s gonna stop this party!…



I’ve heard that the famous HOTWIRE guys of Studio 23 was there to check out the event. They were into car shows and parties, and sure didn’t missed this one. I just wonder when will they air this event on their show. Well, I hope CDOKAY would produce an event like this next time.\m/^_^


  1. wow.. haven’t heard this event. too bad i missed this chance to see great cars and motorcycles. although i dont know how to drive, but hey, i can dream owning one, right?
    also, that blue motorcycle looks mad great! but i wonder how much is that?

    June 1st, 2007
  2. Jessie…

    The most comprehensive info I have found on this subject on the net. Will be back soon to follow up….

    April 2nd, 2008


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