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My Future Kitchen Sink

These are one of those days that I have been thinking about our future place and how it would look like when it gets done. Now I am thinking about the kitchen portion of the future residence, how it would look like, what it would have, and how we would use it in the future, the design, the colors, and every thing else. So I get to have an idea on what we might need or might use when the time comes that it is done and ready for us to use.

First that came to mind was the kitchen work table where all the preparations are done. I am much more inclined to a marble or hard-wood designed table because it lasts longer than the others and it is much easier to clean.

For the top cabinets, it should definitely be made out from wood and accented with glass on its doors. Bottom cabinets and shelves can all be wooden but the cabinet doors are those carved with design.

The mini bar would also have the same theme but with hanging shelves and under it would be the wine glass rack for easier access during drinking moments at home.

The washing area would either be designed with tiles or marble for easier cleaning and a stainless undermount sink for it’s sink type so the plates wouldn’t be so obvious unwashed during cases when a party is hosted and it would cause lesser spill or none at all during washing.

An idea even came to mind while thinking all these. I might have those custom-made movable cupboards too, so rearranging would be easier in the future. The thought of it made me even think of having a movable bar or a movable cooking area, that way my kitchen can have different looks whenever I wanted to change its looks.


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