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Meeting with Google and Yehey repz!

Tabby, Aileen Apolo and Mr. Jonas of Yehey
Alright it took me so long to post this coz its been like hell-a-busy with work, tons of updates and reports to finish, and also I have to trancribe the interview from the video we had(hehe,mahirap pala maging transcriptionist). Anyways, here is our meeting with Ms.Aileen (Google Philippines Country Consultant) and Mr. Jonas (Yehey! eCommerce Manager). We conducted a short interview about what the GPCC — Ms.Aileen Apolo thinks about CDO. Here is our interview:

 Aileen Apolo Meeting

Q: How do you find CDO?

A: It’s great! I’ve always wanted to come back here, and it’s like last year when I was here i went white water rafting with friends from the Yellow Pages. I did it all. They say so they’ve never come back here. Pero sabi ko nga at least within 3 years I’l come back to CDO. I never thought na I’l be back here this year. Hinanap pa namin ung pastel kanina.(giggles)         

Q: Candidly, what are the things you hate in CDO?(ung totoo ha)

A: MAinit!

Q: Sa Manila, indi bah?

A: It’s hotter here. The air is dry, unlike in Manila it’s not that hot actually. Like I go out here during lunchtime kanina, masyadong mainit, iba ung….mainit!….Tsaka I got sunburn last year,naging third degree burn cya.(laughs)

Q: Are you keen on tasting ostrich meat?

A: Why not?

Q: How do you see CDO as an IT player?

A: I was really suprise when Michael Turner turn up during the beercon of seophilippines last October. He said that he has an IT company here in CDO. I think its growing especially with XU which has a very active computer science dept. The IT here is growing. It’s growing.

Q: AT least for CDO, what in your opinion, are the factors that propel IT business?

A: I think one will be education, so universtites should like concentrate in making a good curriculum always to keep it updated. Keeping it up to date on what is needed by the industry. Kasi when you have that one, when you have the talents, im sure bigger businesses will go here.Ganun un eh its like, in manila the schools there talagang up to date yung mga curriculum nila when it comes to IT becaues they think its very important and that’s one way of really propelling things. And last of course support from people in the industry, around maging internet man cya, software, programming or whatever and of course the government, the initiatives that they take, Thats very important!.

Q: Do you have or do you know of any IT program that can assist struggling IT companies, specifically those based in promising urban centers like CDO?

A: It’s quite a lot. It’s all online. It’s all online, search in

Q: And ito na ang pinaka matinding question and im sure inaabang lahat to ng fans ni Miss Aileen and nasasayo lang to Ms.Aileen if you want to answer it or not, and the question is………how young is Miss Aileen?

A: Oh my God..(laughs for a minute)..tinanong din sa akin yan di last time, and i got so scared..Well, Im old enough.That’s all i can say.(hehehe)

Q: If you would have a message for the Google founders, what would it be?

A: Baka pagalitan ako ng PR namin(giggles). I would like to say thank you of course for the oppurtunity, I never expected it. It was a loooong(giggles) journey, before I signed. It was long. I’d just like to thank them for the oppurtunity, to be of service to them, to be the Country consultant. And ano pa bah??….ah my kuya always told me “you found somebody to fund your hobby”. Im really having the time of my life. That’s the best part!.(laughs)

That’s all folks! After we had dinner the two went off already coz they still have a meeting with DigitalFilipino guys. It’s been a pleasure meeting big-time fellowfilipinos bringing glory to our country. Mabuhay kayo! Mabuhay ang Filipino! \m/^_^\m/


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