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CNET editor died because of Google’s map?

James Kim and two of his daughters
You might have read this story somewhere in the web several times already, yes , James Kim, an editor in CNET died this week on the mountains of southwest Oregon lying face down on the snow. It is said that James’ went off to seek help for his family that was stranded in in their car. And James being tech-savvy may never had made a fateful wrong turn if he hadn’t use the internet to look for directions for his journey. When using the Yahoo Maps, MapQuest and Google Maps online services to plot directions from Grants Pass to Gold Beach, Yahoo and MapQuest both recommend taking the same, safer highway route, while Google suggests a shortcut through roads that become dangerous in winter.

Could it be true? Could it possibly be that Google’s inaccurate maps contributed to the death of James Kim?


  1. i don’t think Google maps contributed something to the death of James Kim.

    If you have heard some interviews of the people james last meet and talked, they all warned the editor the danger of taking that route, but james continue to pursue that route.

    so, there’s nothing to blame about his death. it only happens that james’ hours was near to its end at that time.

    ito ang ating tandaan na ang buhay ay weather-weather lang…..

    December 12th, 2006

    Thank you for your post!…

    Kestrel Oswald
    September 3rd, 2007
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