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Of Wedding Traditions and Wedding Garters

I recently got interested with weddings and all things pertaining to it. As I have mentioned in one of my previous posts, my wife and I had our civil wedding back in 2010. And now, we have gotten around to talking about having a church wedding for ourselves.

I know that planning a wedding involves lots of preparations. But I guess I never really knew how much time and energy would be needed until I actually started.  I am still in the research phase and I must say that I am making a very thorough job at it. This is my wife and my wedding after all and we would not settle for anything less than perfect.

Another reason why the research is taking so long is my tendency to be fascinated and distracted. There are simply so many interesting things that you can find in the internet. I have never really thought much about wedding traditions until now.  But it certainly doesn’t make things less interesting.

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Holiday Indulgence, HCG and Quick Weight Loss Methods

It’s that time of the year again. A time of festivities and yes, of food – and lots and lots of it, mind you. From Christmas to New Year and all other gatherings in between, it can be quite hard to not give in to that oh so sweet temptation. I, for one, a normally disciplined eater, can’t help but get an extra helping of that sinful roasted pig or an extra slice of my favorite blueberry cheesecake.

The eating part is undeniably fun. But after all the festivities are over, what usually comes next is dread and sometimes, panic. Will my pants still fit? Have I gained weight? How can I shed the extra pounds? These are just some of hundreds of questions that run through my head. I am pretty sure that you find yourself thinking along these same lines as well.

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Thinking about a Wedding date, Wedding planners, Wedding favor bags, Wedding Cakes…Got to voice this out.

I have always wondered what would be the perfect wedding date for me and my wife. We had our civil wedding back on 2010 but have always thought of having a church wedding for ourselves. Talked about how much we would be spending for it, when and what church but have always wondered about the – yes, the date.

I am aware that this entails a lot of preparation – financially, physically and emotionally. Wedding favor bags, wedding planners, wedding cake, the entourage, family, relatives, the guests – just thinking about it literally makes my heart palpitate. Ugh the pressure, not only to myself, but of course to my wife as well. We are the stars of that day and we sure hope everything will go well as planned. But I guess, you only can call a wedding your own when you do encounter such slight troubles or mishaps. J

Well, just voicing out my thoughts here as 2012 ends. Would 2013 be the year for us? If it would, when is the perfect month and day? Shall I start to watch wedding channels to gain more insights about it? These questions linger in my mind right now. We will see.

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SEO From a Newbie’s Point of View

This is a guest post from one of my trainees in the SEO department for the company we are working for:

by Clint
Search Engine Optimazation (SEO) is the current hot topic and “buzz” word in internet marketing. Well, it has been for quite some time. As an Internet Entrepreneur wannabe I am planning to formulate internet marketing for small business. Social media, like Facebook and Twitter, is a valuable tool, but it doesn’t replace having my own website. Since I don’t own my social media pages, I have to follow their rules. What if facebook decide to start charging fees that just don’t fit my budget? What if I’ll be left hanging with their policies and system? I need to create a website that’s not only attractive but one that builds trust and authority .

I know SEO can be very tough for a beginner like me , it takes time and years to know the techniques and processes involved so I guess I need to get SEO services company to make my sites rank higher by major search engines like Bing, Google and Yahoo. I will just leave my “SEO solution” like on page optimization to link building to the SEO experts. The market is flooded with many Search Engine Optimization based companies, can you recommend some recognized sites that can provide guaranteed results with affordable price? Please leave a comment.

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‘Top Search Queries’ Data in Google Calculated – Here’s How They Do it

Google is updating the way their Top Search Queries data is calculated in Webmaster Tools. Previously it was an average of all the spots you would rank for. For example, if you have a site about tents and a person does a search for tents where your site appears in position 3, 6, and 12. Then another user searches for tents and your site shows up for them in position 5 and 9, Google would average those to give you an Average Position of 7.

The change is that Google will take the top ranked position from each query your site showed up for and average those to get your site’s rank in those queries. With the new update, Google would only take the highest ranking from each of those queries. So the 3 from the first query and the 5 from the second query would average at 4. Google thinks this will match your expectations about how the site position ranking should be reported.

All of your site’s historical data from before this update (which came into play on January 25th) will not be affected by this update, only new information.

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Facebook’s IPO – Is it really worth buying a share?

FFacebook IPO - pix 01acebook is set to go public sometime in May, as a publicly traded company that is. Currently the company is raising its IPO or Initial Public Offering of $5 billion dollars with the help of several big named banks. The IPO is essentially a piece of the company that Facebook is willing to put out and sell to investors for a large chunk of money to use on growing its business, or maybe just making its current investors even richer than they already are.

The IPO is usually based on the value of the company along with other factors decided by the company and the banks involved. While no one can really say how much Facebook is actually worth, many estimates range from 80 to 100 billion dollars. This would mean that the $5 billion IPO is actually a pretty small number, and many thought it would be closer to $10 billion. However Facebook is playing it safe and being conservative, which will only help.

If you’re looking forward to buying Facebook shares be prepared to wait a long time. The banks that supply the money for that IPO give their clients the first access to the shares, and usually those first few in the 1% take up 90% of those shares (take a number 99%).

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The Importance of Hiring a SEO Firm

A website can have every single functionality a person can think of. Most companies have websites that they think is the best for their industry. They constantly try to outshine their competitors in any way they can and having a website that is appealing enough for prospective customers to visit is one method of doing it. However, if a company doesn’t apply search engine optimization in their website, then their aim to be better than their competitors remains inadequate.

Search Engine Optimization is important because this makes your online presence known. If you intend to have your website rank in search engines, it is best to hire a good Middle Eastern search engine optimization firm.

Hiring a Middle Eastern search engine optimization firm is a good idea because they have cheaper rates and can do a better job than most western SEO companies. They also have experiences in ranking other websites in search engines and are known to keep up with their clients’ business expectations.

Middle Eastern search engine optimization firms can keep your business website in top shape and will apply various strategies in having your site gain traffic. A good Middle Eastern search engine optimization firm is up to date with current tactics in increasing a website’s ranking for certain keywords and give you advice on what you should do to be better than your competitors.

Some people think SEO is easy and can be done by an average person. But that’s where they are wrong. SEO is done by people with years of experience, who have analyzed ways on increasing a website’s position in top search engines. These professionals can also help draw people belonging in your target market to visit your website. Once you see the results of how a professional SEO Specialist works, that’s when you would know and understand the importance of getting Middle Eastern search engine optimization firm and that it is all worth it.

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GoMo – Helping Businesses Go Mobile

Here’s a Google video with no real content but it does have a cartoon-cute way of saying ‘mobile is important’.

Efficient Frontier and Macquarie Capital have released a report which makes the prediction that mobile search will make up 22% of search revenue by the end of 2012. As of right now, there is a suggested pattern that mobile search has and will continue growing 300% each year with no reason in to slow down.

Okay – mobile is important, you understand that and now you’ve got the numbers (and clever graph) above to support that statement.

Well, not surprisingly, Google is taking the initiative to get their hands into

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Looking back – Sad View of Search 2011

So 2011 is over and out, and we’re looking forward to another year in search. At the beginning of 2011 Google was a very different place. Search looked different, there was no site preview feature, we were still using Buzz because there was no Google+, and Google had just attempted to buy Groupon for a couple billion dollars before deciding to just create their own version.

For a great overview of search in 2011, Google’s Zeitgeist has compiled several top 10 lists from 2011, the most prominent of which is the fastest growing global search trends of 2011, meant to capture the spirit of 2011 in search form.

The list is as follows:

10. iPad2

9. Steve Jobs

8. The Japanese nuclear powerplant crisis as a result of the tsunami.

7. Adele

6. iPhone 5

5. Battlefield 3

4. Casey Anthony

3. Ryan Dunn

2. Google+

1. Rebecca Black

We’re not sure if this list is supposed to be

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The CPanel in Web Hosting Services

This is a guest post by Agatha.

Agatha is a content writer who enjoys blogging and digital scrapbooking. Her current project is about Web Hosting companies and some great offers from them.


The CPanel is a control area or account manager offered by web hosting providers.

What exactly is it?

CPanel (short for Control Panel) is really what its name implies – it is a control panel that makes things easier, especially for non-techies and newbies, to manage their website. Its user-friendly panel makes it a very popular service.

It offers simple scripts to enable users to make additions of applications to the domain name easier and more quickly. The common applications used are Drupal and WordPress. CPanel offers options for installing a photo gallery, a forum, Wiki software and many more.

In a nutshell, it makes the process of getting a web site up and running easier, has a start up wizard so that even newbies can do it easily step by step. It supports e-mails and runs many applications automatically so you do not have to set everything up manually.

It also has tutorials explained in length when you need further assistance.

What are its common functions?

  1. It is like an account manager or a dashboard – easy to use and refer to multiple tasks in your domain name.
  2. You can create e-mail accounts associated with the domain name.
  3. It is so easy to access all your files from the host server.
  4. Add sub-programs to your current main program.
  5. Upload files without extra cost.

If you are looking for a reliable host, make sure to read about reviews from actual consumers, like the Hostgator.com Review written by actual users of the service.


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