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Introducing: The Zugo Search Toolbar

There’s an all new toolbar or add-on on the Internet that can be easily installed, and is compatible for Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. It’s the Zugo Search Toolbar. Installing this toolbar can happen in just a few seconds. Everything a person needs for browsing or searching the Internet can be found in this toolbar.

The Zugo toolbar lets you browse the Internet while accessing a person’s favorite websites, such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. It also allows you to customize the buttons in the toolbar, can let you get the latest update on the weather, blogs, news and others.

The best thing about it is that, unlike other add-ons, Zugo is free of malicious bugs like Malware and Spyware. They operate under strict guidelines to ensure the safety and privacy of their users and even have a compliance department that checks on the distribution of all their products. Zugo has a strict “code of conduct” that can be found in their website which assures their consumers and users of their toolbar that they are indeed free of Spyware and the like.

Zugo is committed to improving various products they offer and users are free to give them positive or negative feedback through their website. Good customer satisfaction is what Zugo is all about.


  1. Zugo is malicious. It takes over your PC. Why do you not know this? Did you not Google it before writing this nonsense? Do you not research your postings? Will listen to you in future- NOT!

    August 31st, 2011


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