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Thinking about a Wedding date, Wedding planners, Wedding favor bags, Wedding Cakes…Got to voice this out.

I have always wondered what would be the perfect wedding date for me and my wife. We had our civil wedding back on 2010 but have always thought of having a church wedding for ourselves. Talked about how much we would be spending for it, when and what church but have always wondered about the – yes, the date.

I am aware that this entails a lot of preparation – financially, physically and emotionally. Wedding favor bags, wedding planners, wedding cake, the entourage, family, relatives, the guests – just thinking about it literally makes my heart palpitate. Ugh the pressure, not only to myself, but of course to my wife as well. We are the stars of that day and we sure hope everything will go well as planned. But I guess, you only can call a wedding your own when you do encounter such slight troubles or mishaps. J

Well, just voicing out my thoughts here as 2012 ends. Would 2013 be the year for us? If it would, when is the perfect month and day? Shall I start to watch wedding channels to gain more insights about it? These questions linger in my mind right now. We will see.


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