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Of Wedding Traditions and Wedding Garters

I recently got interested with weddings and all things pertaining to it. As I have mentioned in one of my previous posts, my wife and I had our civil wedding back in 2010. And now, we have gotten around to talking about having a church wedding for ourselves.

I know that planning a wedding involves lots of preparations. But I guess I never really knew how much time and energy would be needed until I actually started.  I am still in the research phase and I must say that I am making a very thorough job at it. This is my wife and my wedding after all and we would not settle for anything less than perfect.

Another reason why the research is taking so long is my tendency to be fascinated and distracted. There are simply so many interesting things that you can find in the internet. I have never really thought much about wedding traditions until now.  But it certainly doesn’t make things less interesting.

wedding-garterOne of the latest subjects that have come to spark my interest is the one on wedding garters. The reasoning behind this tradition is actually very varied. In earlier times, the tossing of the garter was based on superstition. But nowadays, it is more of a matter of tradition and for fun.

Originally, the tossing was for good luck. Keeping any part of the bride’s attire was supposed to bring good luck. Wedding dresses would be torn but this obviously did not settle well for the bride. Hence, the garter was that piece of attire that was given away to the guests instead.

Wedding garters also symbolized the bride’s virginity and purity. Before the fourteenth century, women wore chastity belts. Removing the garter would mean that the bride has lost her virginity. The symbolism of the garter applies during the Roman times as well. Brides would put a blue trim around the bottom of her gown. Later on, the blue trim was replaced with the garter.

Presently, the garter has a whole new meaning. The moment the groom tosses the garter, he also tosses away his single life and taking on married life.

As for me, I have long since thrown away my single life. But I think it would still be fun to include the garter tossing. Well, so much for garters. Moving on with the preparations.


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