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Eternal Love and Devotion as Symbolized by the Unity Ceremony

Wedding traditions are as old as weddings itself. Sometimes, new and unique ideas come up making the whole event a lot more interesting and meaningful. One of the many wedding traditions is the conduct of the unity ceremony.  Usually, this is done with candles or with the use of colored sands.

When doing the unity candle, the bride and groom each take a lit candle and simultaneously lighting a third bigger candle dubbed as the unity candle. The candles of the bride and groom represent their own individual life and as they light the unity candle together, this represents their new life as one. Once lit, the couple may now blow their individual lights. Others leave it on as a symbol that although they are now living as one, they will not sacrifice their individuality in favor of their unity.

unity-ceremonyAnother way to hold the unity ceremony is through the use of colored sands and pouring it into a glass or vase. This ceremony expresses the coming together of two people and their families thereby forming a new family. The bride and groom have different colored sands. They then take turns pouring the sand into a clear glass or vase forming a layered effect. In other cases, the family of the bride and groom take part in the ceremony as well, bringing their own color of sand and adding it to the two colors chosen by the just married couple. This makes a wonderful effect of many layers of colors that represents the harmony of not just the couple but of the entire family. Sand represents eternity and time making the ceremony even more meaningful.

So there you have it: the traditional means of conducting the unity ceremony. But who is to say that a little deviation will hurt? There is another ceremony that I think would grab your interest. In fact, it is something that I am thinking of having when my chance at a church wedding comes up. I am referring to the unity box.

Prior to the wedding, the couple will write letters to each other containing their love for one another. During the ceremony, the letters will then be sealed inside a wooden box that contains a bottle of red wine and two wine glasses. Once closed, the box will be padlocked. The parents of the couple as well as the maid of honor and the best man will then be asked to take care of one lock each and keep the key in a safe place unknown to the couple. When the marriage is in trouble, it is only then that the box can be opened as it is meant to let the couple relive their romance and serve as a reminder of why they got married in the first place.


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