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The Real Answer to the Question: “Is AWAI A Scam?”

Have you heard of AWAI? If you’re a writer, you most probably have. AWAI actually stands for American Writers and Artists Inc. They are an organization that assists people in finding financial security by means of writing. AWAI teaches individuals to earn money through copywriting, study programs and web-writing.

Sadly, due to AWAI’s imminent success, there are rumors circulating around the World Wide Web that AWAI is a scam. There is really no truth to the reports and evidence of this is seen when you go to the Better Business Bureau’s site, Since the year 1998, AWAI has an excellent rating with the BBB.

Most people interested in learning more about AWAI and are mothers who prefer to stay at home. By enhancing their writing skills, they can earn money while working online and at the same time look after her children. Because of AWAI’s help, a mother who maintains a few blogs can earn money just by updating them regularly. She also earns extra income by writing articles and blog posts for certain companies.

What’s best about being a writer is that it doesn’t require a college degree nor an innate talent in writing and business practice is not necessary. If you’re interested in learning more about AWAI, you can read about them on the Internet. Just make sure that the source you have is reliable and not one of those malicious sites that don’t do anything but mention harmful and off-putting “news” about other organizations. Try checking out information on identifying scams. Some materials even include a checklist people can use to protect themselves from frauds online.

The fact that the AWAI is accredited by the Better Business Bureau says a lot about their trustworthiness. You can also visit their website at and read more about their company. They have also posted authentic testimonials from their clients. So the next time someone says: Is AWAI a scam? The obvious answer to that is “NO.”


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