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Microsoft OS on Google Company Computers – Banned!

Ouch! You read that right.

The Financial Times recently reported that Google has decided to move away from Microsoft Windows operating systems on their internal computers. Google indicated that after their Chinese offices were hacked in January through IE6 they want to be more cautious. They sited this security breach as the main reason for the change. With Microsoft’s dominance in operating systems there has been more effort by hackers to conquer their products. This makes Mac the safer bet for Google at this point.

Regardless of what Google says there was a lot of buzz out there on the Web about the announced policy change because of its timing coinciding so well with the release of Chrome OS this fall. If this was a clothing store no one would think twice about a policy asking their employees not to wear the clothes from the store next door to work. However, Google knows how to make a splash and banning Microsoft OS on all company computers and mass Facebook abandonment are not just coincidences.


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