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Another attempt for Google on the Social Networking Realm

Sudden Talk of a Google Social Network – Google Me.

Rumor has it that Google is developing the next new thing in social networking, Google Me. Google has made several, not so successful, ventures into the social networking realm. Their recent Google Buzz and Google Profiles have both failed to make any big waves, but there is talk that perhaps with Facebook getting slammed for privacy issues Google has a chance to move in.

Honestly though, the estimated 500 million Facebook users out there are so invested in their Facebook pages it would take something far more serious than a lack of privacy to get them to switch their loyalty to another company. Perhaps the complete and utter devastation of all farms on Farmville would do the trick?


  1. If you take YouTube, Google Reader, Google Buzz, Google Friend Connect, Google Docs, Google Wave, Blogger, Picasa, Gmail, Gcaht, SMS messaging, and tie them altogether in a wall type app you really have something. Then make them all available on an Android phone too.

    That is what Google is out to do hear, not imitate Facebook. Google has simply built a social network in reverse, bringing in the wall page last.

    Also when you consider that you can use any of these world class apps independently without the wall, they become much more powerful too. And they are all open to the public, anyone can read my Google Buzz posts.

    Chris Lang
    July 9th, 2010
  2. Nice insights there Chris.

    July 10th, 2010
  3. I think the current popularity of facebook is quite unbeatable. Maybe Google has a chance if their site has a superior games which is better than farmville, farmtown and any other popular games on facebooks in which millions of users got addicted to it…

    Even a retirable high school principal in our city was addicted to playing farmtown…

    July 22nd, 2010


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