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My not so normal day

Like normal working days, I wake up, help prepare breakfast for the family, kiss and say goodbye to my love Yzzy, prepare for work, check all my stuffs, and finally head for the office. Everything went pretty well until I arrived there.

When I got there, like my normal routine would be, I take out my id card from my laptop bag, I then let it pass through the infrared to have the computer log me in to work, but there something went wrong, I didn’t hear the beep, the time-in beep…so I let it pass through the red light again, and still no beep. I yelped for our residing IT support for help and was informed the company’s id card software has been buggy since dawn.

Id card software’s are the brains of any card-printing procedure. Big companies, even small ones, use it because it allows you to design your ID cards, handle and store cardholder records, communicate with databases, and adjoin improved functionality to your card program. Once the id design is ready and good to go, it will then be printed using an id printer and the data from the card would be stored in the database for future use. It is either for just storing information or using the data as the daily time record system for the companies.

But, unfortunately, from what I read all over the web, a lot of companies have been having debates about this system. They want all who currently knows about ID cards and ID card softwares to forget about the information they know. They say everything has changed and is progressing to change with ID card technology. They say even the name of the technology is changing to such terms as “identity management solutions” or “digital identity solutions.” This might be the right time for us to change our id system.


  1. It is either for just storing information or using the data as the daily time record system for the companies.


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