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Because of the Mishap

Today has been unfortunate for me thus writing this article. Something went really wrong with my HID proximity card so I did further research about it, the systems that are currently available for it, both it’s advantages and disadvantages to both I and my company and a lot more information about it.

From what I read HID proximity cards make available to the necessity of a number of companies, of accessing virtual and real location in their building. It gives the notion of being like a credit or debit card and contains a stripe and a photograph, for protection purposes. As soon as the cardholder swipes the card it grants them right of entry to certain places. These kinds of card work on doors and for attaining entrance to networks on computers.

Companies that require to make sure who are the people who leaves or enters an area and what times they are authorized to, gets a secure explanation of using HID proximity cards. proximity cards are a huge solution for institutes that do not wish to have to hand out keys and passwords that can be leaked to outside sources. The right of entry to the control panel acts as a virtual security guard as soon as an employee would swipe the card.

This is how it works. It uses resonant energy transfer via an LC circuit. An IC, capacitor, and coil are linked in parallel. The card reader presents a field that excites the coil and charges the capacitor, which in turn energizes and powers the IC. The IC then transmits the card number via the coil to the card reader.

I also found out that the cards being used are reusable cards. It can surely save some money for a company and it can be extended to reusable HID cards. Having this card system in a company is really amazing, useful, and cost efficient, I just hope the kind you’d be getting wouldn’t go sour in testing or usage like what I experienced this morning at the office.


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