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Everyday should be Valentines…

See the picture above? You’ll know why I chose that picture in a little later. Well, the most “commercialized” day of the year has come. The month of hearts they say and I imagine how other couples would celebrate the day where they express genuine and real love to their partner – Valentines Day. I bet there are those who would ask, when was your most unforgettable Valentines? Some might answer it was most unforgettable when they received something from their partner. Some might say when they went to a place really romantic and that the air was just full of aroma of love. Maybe some might just say they just spent it from the own comfort of their home and had a “catch-up” dinner with their partner because their work schedules we’re too hectic. And some could answer they didn’t have any unforgettable experience on Valentines.

As for me, for four years, I was not able to spend Valentines with Danica since she left for the States . On a physical sense, that is. We do talk and chat via Skype, but come to think of it, if you would ask me about my unforgettable Valentines with Danica, I think I would say I had a “forgettable” Valentines day with her. And you know why? Because Valentines day, the February 14 day, became forgettable when she said yes to me and became my wife. I see everyday is a Valentines day in our married life.

From the moment I wake up and greet her good morning with my “just-got-out-of-the-bed” look, it’s Valentines for me. When I tell her I need to take a shower for me to prepare for work and then she says “kiss first” with her lips pouting in the Skype window, it’s Valentines for me. When I kiss her goodbye in the Skype window for me to start my day and she tells me to drive safe, it’s Valentines for me. When she goes to the mall just to stroll and as she does window shopping, she finds a good walking shorts that she think is good for me, it’s Valentines for me. When she tells me things that bothers her and I discerningly listen to her to sense why she’s feeling troubled, it’s Valentines for me. When we argue because we both have opposing opinions about a certain thing and both of us just decides to drop the subject to discuss it on a later date, it’s Valentines for me. Valentines with my Sweetest is happening everyday for me.

Those common and unseen gestures of caring. Those modest things of adoration left unnoticed. Those things that make you think more of the other and less for yourself. Those are kind of things that can equate genuine, untainted love. Just like a person taking that leap off the cliff to get to the other side where your partner is(remember the pic above?). And it’s happening every single day. I believe those are the things why everybody should see Valentines everyday.

I am not a writer who can play with words and express feelings thru complicated or intricate vocabulary, but one thing is for sure as I write this post, I am letting my heart speak. We don’t need a special day to prove the words “I Love You” to each other. We prove it everyday in the things we do for each other, celebrate it in our laughter and treasure it in moments that a Valentine’s Day or V-card or gift can never fully represent.


~For my one and only Sweetest. :) Always know that I love you so much.



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