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Your Membership Includes Seminole Booster Parking Priority

If you’re at typical American family and you love watching ball games like baseball, basketball or football in the flesh together on a weekend, you would know how hard it can be to find a parking space. Some people would probably opt to commute to avoid all the stress finding a parking space can give before the game.

Watching a Seminole Boosters home game is different though, most especially for members. They offer valued parking and tailgating opportunities for ball games and it is known to some people as Seminole Booster Parking Priority. The Boosters have plenty of parking lots to choose from on and off campus. To be exact, there are fourteen of them and that includes those surrounding Doak Campbell stadium. Of course, the parking location would depend on the membership level a person has. Special tickets along with assistance are available for the disabled, which makes them different from a lot of the other stadiums or ball clubs.

To be a Seminole Booster member, you have to register annually. Together with the membership comes with a number of exciting benefits aside from priority parking and seating. Some advantages include tax deduction, apparel, a plaque, attendance to a home game pre-party, post season ticket priority and others some people would just die to have.

Seminole Booster club membership fees are very affordable and you can register according to your budget. Fees are as low as $60 to as high as $25,000. Whichever membership you choose, you can never go wrong with the benefits you receive. The money you pay as your membership fee also funds the scholarships of more than 350 student athletes they have, including coaches’ salaries, operational budgets and others.

To stay connected and updated on what your favorite college team is doing, add their page up on Facebook; visit or call (850) 644-3484.


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