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Medical Scrubs Fashion Trends

I have always been attracted to scrub clothing. Medical workers of all shapes, sizes, and ages need uniforms and the scrubs clothing industry has created new design and fashion lines that can help the medical practitioner from having trouble with medicine or blood stains on their uniforms.

Nursing scrubs, as what medical scrubs are sometimes referred to, are available in various sizes from petite or tall sizes to larger ones. Men’s scrubs have also gained popularity and are made to perfectly fit a male person’s frame. They can be easily changed since they are easy to wash and the cloth used for the uniforms dry faster than standard cloths.

New trends are also entering into the market, such as denim scrubs and all black scrubs. Prints on the uniforms are often cartoon characters for practitioners who specialize in pediatrics. Some wear cheerful prints to help put patients at ease. Fashion trends for medical scrubs have also been worn by a number of younger doctors and nurses. Scrubs that are similar to street wear with flared leg openings are worn; also some pants that feature a longer length similar to a boot-leg style are being sold. Lowrise are available to those who favor tailored waist treatments and tucked-in tops.

On cold days or air conditioned facilities, both men and women’s scrubs conventionally have no collars and are preferably worn with a lab coat that coordinate with the colors and styles of the entire outfit. With all the designs and types of scrubs available now, medical personnel can choose work wear that are comfortable and can show their personality by the scrubs they prefer.


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