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Jollibee Scandal???

Yes, you read that right!..The top pinoy foodchain in the Philippines, major competitor of McDonald’s, has a so called “scandal”. I don’t know what the guys from Jollibee¬†were thinking to produce this kind of embarassment.

They seem not satisfied from the fact that their official website is claimed doing blackhat techniques, they wanted more than that kind of publicity. Well, every company has its own problems, and this one is a major one! To think that every child loves “jollibee”, a child-friendly mascot, a good emblem to always stay young, but it just proves that jollibee is suffering sexual frustration, from wordly things that gives temporary pleasure. Jollibee’s darkest secret unfold.. I warn the audience 18 years below not to watch this video, you might get offended.

They sure know how to live with their tagline “Bida ang saya”…..\m/^_^\m/


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