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Google goes underwater for Internet growth

Although this might sound a little similar with the “space elevator project” which had a lofty goal, Google Inc. has agreed to build an undersea cable with five telecoms operators that will link the United States to Japan, and provide the capacity to sustain a surge in Internet traffic between the continents.

” Google and the five telecoms companies said in joint statement that the 10,000 km (6,200 mile) undersea fiber optic cable, connecting the United States to Japan, will cost $300 million.

The Unity cable system allows the members of the consortium to provide the increased capacity needed as more applications and services migrate online,” said Jayne Stowell, a spokesman for the consortium.”

Now, this kind of technology have been here for over a hundred of years, and that is called the “Transatlantic telegraph cable”. The transatlantic cable bridged North America and Europe, and expedited communication between the two. Whereas it would normally take at least ten days to deliver a message by ship, it now took a matter of minutes by telegraph. Nothing really new though for Google, but as one of the forum members reacted on the thread I read, notice how all the partners are not US telcos. What is actually Google saying?..Hmmm…I feel this is going to be nasty..write a comment regarding your take on this.:D


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