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Goody two-shoes Google

Well, it is true that we must share our blessings to others, and Big G is just about to do that.

“Google Inc. said it will dole out nearly $30 million in new grants and investments to nonprofits and a private business that are taking on do-good projects. Its announcement yesterday includes a $10 million investment in closely held eSolar Inc., which is working on utility-scale solar power. also expects to invest directly in businesses in places such as Africa to spur job creation.”

I totally believe that in any business, instead of whacking every other competitor’s head to bring them down, we should focus on lifting everyone up so that we can all have an equal share of the pie. I’m not doubting that Google is doing this for the tax breaks or whatsoever state sales taxes that is or it’s part of their “don’t look evil” mantra, I don’t care. If their intention is truly for the greater good, then God be with them. People that is making this world worst is not taking a day-off, we should all take part of illuminating good for everybody.

I just hope Google would expand their investments as far as the 3rd world countries, particularly the Philippines. ;)


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