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Cat cut your life..I mean tongue.

I’m sure this has been all over the news.. A cat is reportedly able to sense when a patient is going to die at a home in Providence, Rhode Island.

When I was a child, I do believe that animals like dogs and cats has some supernatural power that is hard to understand.  I do recall my mom telling me a story about her pet before. When my mom was still on her teens, she has this pet dog. She was so closed to it that there was never a day that she wouldn’t be cuddling and playing with her pet. Until one day, my mom got very sick and was confined to a hospital, her pet dog actually seem to be very uneasy that time regarding to my mom’s sister. My mom was confined to the hospital for almost a week, but the shocking part was when my mom got out of the hospital, she couldn’t believe that her pet dog died. Base on what my mom’s sister story, the dog was howling almost every night as if calling to her, the dog wouldn’t eat and was getting weak because of her abscence. My mom of course cried because of what happen, but she believed that her pet dog save her, that she actually took the place of death for her.

 I know people and animals have this bond similar to human relationships that can eventually be worth dying for. But this cat here is different. You sure wouldn’t like to have a pet like this. Is this a cat of death or an angel? This sure is one feline who is not letting the cat out of the bag.


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