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Best Oldies Songs in Your Fifties Party

Throwing a themed party is one of the many fun ways to do brighten up an ordinary celebration. People enjoy dressing up and you can see everyone making an effort to have a fantastic event. One theme you can have is Retro, or the Fifties. Having a party based on the era of rock and roll can be a blast and the music played during the fifties consisted of the best oldies songs.

Back in the day, Elvis was king and the transistor radios were the most popular electronic communication device in history. You can use these as props and have CDs with the best and hottest Fifties music as giveaways in the party or you can use it as an invitation.

If you’re having a hard time selecting what songs to put in the CD, you can consult Billboard has a list of chart topping hit songs for decades and you may want to check their site out. You can also go to where you can buy albums that cannot be found in music stores. The menu, on the other hand, is easy to provide. Serve food like cheese burgers, coke floats and fries. This type of food isn’t complicated and should suit the overall feel of the celebration.

For props, you can get a prop hire company that can help with the set up. They cater to your every party needs – and don’t forget to inform them in advance about your Elvis style decorations. Also ask if they can provide cut outs of famous Fifties icons like James Dean and Marilyn Monroe.

This is the perfect set up for your Fifties party: women walking around in bobby socks, saddle shoes and poodle skirts while men wear white T-shirts and tight cuffed jeans. Welcome to the retro, fabulous Fifties.


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