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A new scandal in CDO is filling the x-mas air…

Okay,okay, so there is a new scandal in CDO and it is creating a huge buzz. Former BIR employees. Pictures. Video! What would we expect?, the guys are just looking for wild adventure. And so, their adventure begins on intending to transfer the said “dirty” files to an office pc. Little do they know that it is the 21st century, and technology has just got smaller and smaller that you wouldnt be suprised if you see Bin Laden and George Bush buttf*&#ing each other on the internet. So, another “techy” employee browsed the said office pc, seen the “dirty” pictures, copied it and felt the need of distributing it to share the pleasure. The big issue here is the cast of the said scandal are both married. To keep the long story short, I have a presentation in powerpoint that would explain it all, but I’m having second thoughts on putting it here in my blog for you guys to download..If your comments about this post would convince me to upload the said “scandal presentation“, then maybe il do it….\m/^_^\m/


  1. Wow… mao ni ang chada nga issue sa cagayan… mga mahilig sa scandal… tsk… tsk… ang sama ng image ng cagayan. By the way mag post kaha ko dinhi sa ako link ba para mutaas ako balik… heheheh….

    The BIR scandal pictures

    November 25th, 2006
  2. can anyone please send the pictures of BIR CDO Scandal to my email [email protected]



    November 27th, 2006

  3. December 8th, 2006

  4. December 17th, 2006
  5. oki ang mga scandal ng pinoy :-) thanks to Pinoy scandal blog

    The Cabuyao scandal of Dean and Nursing Student

    March 22nd, 2007
  6. new scandal site at

    July 6th, 2007
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    March 30th, 2008


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