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SEO VS PPC – The War Continues

Speaking of infographics, WordStream ( a PPC based company) noticed a trend that I can tell also has witnessed – the dramatic increase of visibility for paid ads as Google continues to shift its algorithum.

They decided they would turn their research into a great infographic to share their findings. Their first conclusion was that while organic search still ranks highly for information searches, high commercial intent searches are dominated by PPC with a whopping 64% of the total clicks going to PPC.

They also report that 45% of people can’t tell the difference between paid and organic listings. Perhaps that’s because paid search now takes up 85.2% of the pixels above the fold. Combine the new features released for paid ads and Google Shopping, with the smack down SEOs have been receiving all year from Google with Panda and Penguin and it’s clear that all of their research is pointing to one thing – Google wants a bigger piece of the pie and they’re taking BIG steps to get it.

In, of course, I believe their main focus is on organic search and they’ve always recommended a balanced approach. People using ONLY SEO or ONLY PPC have no recourse when something radically changes overnight. With that being said, check out some of the scary and not so scary facts being reported by a company that makes their money within the PPC industry. Again, before you look at this I want you to think about powerful infographics can be to get the exact point across that the company creating them wants you to see.

How Google Ads are Taking over the Search Engine Results Page.


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