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Looking Through: Google Glass

Since the advent of science-fiction, having super advanced technology at arm’s reach has been a thrilling and exciting prospect. As such, the drive to discover means and ways to improve technology has become a never ending endeavor. At first glance, however, it would seem that we are nowhere close to the olden depictions of what the future would look like. There are no hover cars and no spaceships that can travel at the speed of light in sight.

But when we really think about it, there has been a lot of significant advances in the technology. What is perhaps lacking the is the appreciation people have. When something new is discovered, people are left in awe. But after a while, the excitement vanishes and the what was once considered to be something of a marvel is left to be nothing more than just part of the norm. Think about it. Voice-command technology had seemed impossible just some years before. And presently, there are a variety of hybrid transportation in the market. Next on the agenda? Why, wearable technology, of course!

Back in early 2012, rumors were circulating regarding the invention of augmented reality goggles. With time, rumors ceased to be rumors and were confirmed to be fact. With Google Glass, it would seem that the search giant’s dream of wearable technology is not so far off.

What exactly is Google Glass? What does it do?

Simply put, Google Glass is an attempt to place data right in front of your eyes. It seeks to free data from desktop computers and portable devices like phones and tablets and conveniently put it within reach. In fact, there are virtually no overt action necessary as Google Glass responds to voice commands.

Essentially, Google Glass is a camera, display, touchpad, battery and microphone built into spectacle frames so that users can perch a display on their field of vision, film, take pictures, search and translate on the go.

In a nutshell, Google Glass lets users do a variety of things including:

  • take a picture by simply saying “take a picture”
  • record what they see – hands free
  • share what they see – live
  • get directions right in front of them
  • ask whatever is on their mind
  • speak to send a message
  • translate their voice
  • get answers without having to ask

Google Glass is also considered to be evolutionary in design. It is also composed of strong and light materials making it a convenient tool. And for the avid fashionista, not to worry about the glasses cramping your style. It is available in five colors: charcoal, tangerine, shale, cotton and sky.

Advantages and Disadvantages

As what people may have learned by now, everything has two sides. There will always be advantages and certain disadvantages. The Google Glass, for its part, can be summed up into four main advantages and three disadvantages.

The advantages includes:

  • Hands-free device to check email and personal info without having to hold phone
  • Device remembers interactions to give relevant search/navigation results
  • Advertisement
  • High-speed data connection (3G or 4G)

Apart from the things enumerated above, there is also that awesome feeling that the glasses gives off when you use them. (Think cool spy movies.)

As for the disadvantages, apart from the incessant fear of a future full of obese people perpetually laying in comfy chairs, eating burgers and drinking soda (remember that scene in the movie “Wall-E”?), there are three main drawbacks that people are concerned about. The said disadvantages being:

  • Expense
  • Privacy Issues
  • Bulky Design


It is in our nature to continually strive for development. And as far as technology goes, nothing can stop it from getting better and better.

With any new technology, there is always a potential for misuse. And admittedly, Google Glass is a bit problematic when it comes to privacy issues. But when it really comes down to it, it all boils down to a matter of personal preferences.

And as far as technology is concerned, we have already come a long way off. Who knows, maybe hover cars are next.


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